A Disagreement In Idaho

Faith and Values: Have we forgotten how to disagree?
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get link There are five different conflict styles that people use.

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Avoidance is used when a person knows there is a conflict, but chooses not to deal with it. Sometimes this style needs to be used, but most of the time this is not a great option.

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This will create a lot of tension and nothing gets resolved. People use accommodation by putting aside their own needs and concerns to satisfy the needs of the other person. While this style is sometimes appropriate in certain situations, if you are constantly catering to other people eventually you will be left empty. Both people need to be willing to work on a relationship. A one-sided relationship is not healthy for anyone.

While thinking of others, it is perfectly fine to include yourself in your decisions and realize that your needs and concerns are important too. With this style, a person tries to win or make the other person lose by giving in.

Conflict Resolution

This is a lose-lose style. Competition is fine on the playing field or in a race, but it is not healthy for relationships. If you feel like you need to compete with someone, you may want to rethink the relationship. It is not healthy. The fourth conflict style is compromise. Compromise occurs when a person gives up something to get something.

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Crews had to be pulled to safe areas…. Some of these places are nestled right up against the slopes in narrow side canyons as well. The land owners made multiple unsafe demands to fire fighters such as downhill line construction in extremely rugged terrain with fire below them, attempting burnouts on mid-slope dozer lines with no escape routes or safety zones, and to drop water from helicopters with personnel in the work zone the land owners. The Federal agent on the other end was properly professional in his exchange with a very concerned landowner who owns land being threatened by this blaze. Once again, just my opinion. It sounds like mistakes were made on both sides of the issue. Marginalizing them and painting them as the lunatic fringe will only create further hostility and distrust of the Govt.

Sometimes this is an appropriate way to deal with a situation, but it is not always the best way. Collaboration happens when all people involved in a conflict work together to satisfy the needs of everyone.

This will take work to accomplish, but it is the best outcome in most situations. If you want healthy relationships, it is important to understand how important collaboration is. Being willing to collaborate will benefit you throughout your entire life. How you manage yourself during a conflict will directly affect how you work through that conflict.

Section – Idaho State Legislature

Ask yourself the following questions to help yourself gauge where you are at with your conflict resolution skills. Are you able to be aware of and respectful of the differences expressed between you and the others involved? One of the most important things that I have learned is that opinion is opinion. It is not fact. An appeal conducted under the provisions of this subsection shall not be considered a contested case and shall not be subject to judicial review under the provisions of chapter 52, title 67 , Idaho Code.

Upon receipt of the application, the director shall within five 5 working days: The determinations officer in making this recommendation may rely on the documents of record, statements of employees of the state of Idaho participating in any phase of the selection process, and statements of any vendor submitting a bid. A contested case hearing shall not be allowed and the determinations officer shall not be required to solicit statements from any person.

Upon receipt of the recommendation from the determinations officer, the director shall sustain, modify or reverse the decision of the administrator on the selection of the lowest responsible bidder, or the director may appoint a determinations officer pursuant to paragraph a iii of this subsection. Upon receipt of the findings of fact, conclusions of law and recommended order, the director shall enter a final order sustaining, modifying or reversing the decision of the administrator on the selection of the lowest responsible bidder.

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The director shall appoint a determinations officer who shall make written recommendations to the director and the director shall render whatever decision is necessary to resolve the complaint. The officer shall meet and render whatever determination is called for. When a complaint is filed pursuant to subsection 2 of this section, no bid may be awarded until the final decision is rendered by the director; provided that in all other cases where a determinations officer is appointed by the director, the director shall have the power to allow the acquisition contract to be awarded to the successful bidder prior to or after the decision of the determinations officer if he determines such award to be in the best interests of the state.

Any determinations officer appointed pursuant to this section shall exist only for the duration of unresolved complaints on an acquisition and shall be dismissed upon resolution of all such complaints.

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