Legacy Of Kings: The Magister Trilogy: Book Three

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Legacy of Kings (The Magister Trilogy, #3) by C.S. Friedman

At the end of her bestselling Coldfire Trilogy, C. Friedman challenged readers to imagine what a world would be like if sorcery required the ultimate sacrifice—that of life itself.

Now, in a groundbreaking new fantasy novel, FEAST OF SOULS, she introduces us to a terrifying new world in which the cost of magic is just that—a world in which the fuel for sorcery is the very fire of the human spirit, and those who hunger for magical power must pay for it with their lives. In this epic tale of terrifying shadows and desperate hope, the greatest threat of all may not be that of ancient enemies returned, or ancient wars resumed, but of the darkness that lies within the hearts of men.

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somiquvevuda.gq: Legacy of Kings: Magister Trilogy, Book 3 (Audible Audio Edition): C. S. Friedman, Elisabeth Rodgers, Audible Studios: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. "C.S. Friedman makes fantastic things -- and frightening things Legacy of Kings (Magister Trilogy Book 3) by [Friedman, C.S. ].

But her rise to power is not without cost. The shadowy brotherhood of Magisters now hunts her for killing one of their kind, and her only hope of survival may lie in fleeing to the northern Protectorates, where spells are warped by a curse called the Wrath and the shadow of an ancient Enemy is once more falling across the land. The Magisters come to believe these two events may be related, but no Magister alone can find the answers and co-operation between them is very rare.

Magister Trilogy

Indeed, the best chance is thought to be had by Kamala, who has broken the laws of the Magisters twice over and is forced to hide her talents for fear of being sentenced to death. From the beginning of the trilogy, I've loved the dark ideas behind the story and the way Magisters use sorcery.

Here, however, Friedman reveals the secret behind their skills and it's deliciously dark. Add to this some despicable traps and acts of war and whilst the book doesn't quite cross the line into horror, it's about as dark as fantasy writing gets, in my experience. As a fan of horror novels, I love fantasy with this dark edge and Friedman does it better than most.

The darkness in the story centres around the characters emotions and in the hands of a lesser writer, the whole idea could have been rendered ineffective. However, Friedman is able to plumb the depths of the soul in such a way that you can feel the anguish. One scene in particular between Kamala and Lazaroth was brutal in both content and execution and left me feeling rather shaken.

By contrast, another moment involving Kamala when she is able to let herself go completely and enjoy the freedom of releasing her inner self left me breathless with the exhilaration that poured from the pages. There is still a slight weakness in the descriptions of some of the characters and it's not nearly as easy to picture their physical forms as it is to picture their emotional cores.

This has improved from the previous books and I feel that my physical picture of the ikati in particular is closer to completion than after Wings of Wrath.

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There will I fiiiiinally learnt what Colivar had been hiding. The darkness in the story centres around the characters emotions and in the hands of a lesser writer, the whole idea could have been rendered ineffective. In this third book, even the editing seemed to get lazy, with almost whole sentences being repeated with half a page of each other. The characters are complex and never black and white, but myriad shades of gray. Also, is it possible the Souleaters are part of God's plan and he shouldn't get in their way? I wonder if there's any more seperated populations up north, with queens

That said, the emotional descriptions are frequently sufficient to guide the story and ensure that the absence of more detailed physical descriptions is a minor issue, not a severe handicap. The lack of a map of the world, common in fantasy novels and present in only the second book of the trilogy is also a minor issue, leading to a lack of scale that had a little more impact on the story, especially when Kamala was using her map in a search I didn't feel I was involved in.

There were also a couple of issues caused by the delay between books where I had forgotten who minor characters were and their appearance seemed to come from nowhere. These concerns were ultimately minor and whilst they did interrupt the flow of the story by distracting me for a little while, they had little long term impact.

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