Lightning On The Beach

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  • Beach dangerous place to be during lightning and thunder?
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If you see thunder clouds rolling in or if the sky looks at all threatening, it's best to be safe and head for cover. People need to understand if they can hear thunder, they need to get to safety," Jenfeniuf says, explaining that lightning can strike out 10 miles away from a storm.

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The beach is a deadly place to be during a lightning storm, partly because people linger outside even after the storm begins. "It was like a scene from Jaws," said one observer, describing the rush of panicked swimmers trying to get out of the ocean after a rare lightning strike at Venice.

Murray advises getting inside a substantial building or metal-topped vehicle, whichever is closer. Oh and you can forget the old myth about lightning never striking the same place twice.

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If there are thunderstorms in your area, lightning can happen. It's always better to err on the side of safety. July 08, Three people, including a child, were hospitalized after lightning struck a South Carolina beach and police responded to a call for "possible electrocution," counton2.

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A man and a woman were in the water during a thunderstorm and were struck by lightning , Isle of Palms Fire Chief Ann Graham said, according to postandcourier. Before she was rushed to the hospital, the woman was in cardiac arrest and had to be pulled from the water, according to live5news.

When Lightning Strikes

Graham said CPR was administered and the woman was revived before she was hospitalized in serious condition, "at a minimum. Do not use electronic equipment during the storm.

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Every year, millions of lightning flashes fill our skies. Each one has the potential to cause a devastating and shocking impact.

Pueden alcanzar botes que se encuentren cerca, y electrocutar peces cercanos a la superficie. Si se encuentra en el mar, regrese a un refugio en tierra.