To Tame a Land

To Tame a Land by Iron Maiden
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General Comment I've never read "Dune", but have seen the horrible movie so I pretty much know what this is about. They originally wanted to call it "Dune", but Frank Hubert didn't let them because he "didn't like metal bands, especially Iron Maiden". No Replies Log in to reply.

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There was an error. General Comment Read "Dune" and this song will make sense to you. Otherwise, you'll be lost. General Comment This is the song that got me into Iron Maiden. He said the last song is about Dune and I said "sure whatever. Still having a hell of a time learning them.

General Comment Steve said this was the best song he's ever written. General Comment the outro is the best part. I think I'll go and edit the map to ensure I can actually finish it, despite of goblins appearing in the middle of the lake that can't be attacked.

Just as info, today we can play SoD maps either in Era or with SD plugin for HD mod and both solve all issues about growth and any other existing bugs. Check Heroes community for downloads. Guess I will start over. The goblins weren't the problem, I'm just not able to sail in to the lucid pools on the right side.. I caved and edited the map to provide a path that was traverseable. Spent a few hours getting back to that spot only to discover that I am yet again, blocked.

It's the hidden paths that get me. I can't access them outside of the main island. I had no problem finding them in the "tutorial" area or on the starting islands. Getting out of the swamp it seems is more troublesome. I simply can't click on the path. I go to the seer, the oasis thing, oasis again and I can see that I should be able to access the path, but I can't do the "sideways" motion.

A lot of hours invested and I've only seen the same bits four times now. Well, this map has certainly complex paths, the author obviously likes that. For some players, this may be annoying, for others it will look creative, so there is a risk some are not happy. I finished this map in 6 months without any problem. And I liked it. I love the map. I just literally cannot play through it. Maybe the GOG version works differently or something? No, I have gog too and is perfect. There is something to learn before understanding how to deal with special terrains over water.

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This song relays the story of Paul Atreides, Paul Muad'Dib, from the book Dune by Frank Herbert. The world of Dune is immense and complicated. "To Tame A Land" Track Info. To Tame a Land Lyrics: He is the king of all the land / In the Kingdom of the sands / Of a time tomorrow / He rules the sandworms and the Fremen / In a land.

I was able to navigate all the other areas just fine. It's just the swamp area that's impassable. Not even all of it, just the bottom bits. I got all artifacts and secrets stowed away elsewhere. Frankly I'm tempted to edit it and add a fly-scroll to the main character just to get around the minor - what I think are - bugs because I am really enjoying the map.

Heroes3 - Your opinions about To Tame a Land - map rating = 9.80 (10 - The best)

Also six months to complete it? You're something of a Heroes God then. There is nothing to teach, just be comfortable with special terrains over water, thus be able to remove them in the editor to see what is under. I played the map with editor opened, there is no other safe way. I forgot to specify, one of my mods is showing me the events during gameplay, and this made it much easier.

Actually the events are what is blocking you. There are no events at the bottom part of the map though. It's just the "hidden path" that's used everywhere where you have to be at a specific point to get to a "secret" area. I found out how to look out for it. I just can't MOVE there for some reason. Yeah I found out it was a water-way and had more success now.

No idea where to go next though.. Or am I missing something? Really nice so far: I cant believe it was so simple, and I lost so many troops that I could saved It's really tricky map you made here: D But Am starting to get used to tricks: Jaakko Finland , Nice review, just put it on the right map! Now I am near the end only to find out that I need Jabarkas which I already dismissed as I needed more space for active heroes.

Even if he was still alive I opened the Pandora box on firs day and defeated all the dragons there. I would recommend a message box at the beginning even to tell the player for further instructions to defeat the 4 challenges or just message to state to keep the Pandora box unused and Jabarkas hero alive. Btw you can recruit the hero early in the game when you take over the purple AI and then you will be stuck again as he has no wisdom so cannot learn fly to reach the dark blue tent, so it is kind of precise situation with this hero that need to be polished.

Other than the few problems it is great and interesting map worth playing. I think you have mixed up some maps now; there are no Jabarkas -hero on my map To Tame a Land and you won't get to the pandoras box at the start nor won't you be fighting dragons there Keep up the good work!

Peter Budapest, Hungary , Nice battles and great puzzles. The dinosaur joke was hilarious. Alex Kiev , Cannot disembark because of gremlins. But I am stuck after beating, Rashka. I know there is a event right after beating the gargoyles with Faeries, but i can't get there with neither boat or water walk. I also have no idea how to get the 3 enchanters or where to get the 30k mercury for border gate. Finished it in days planning to play second time to reduce that number and it is one of the best maps I have played and remains me so much of Wayfarer E.

Iron Maiden:To Tame A Land Lyrics

There are a lot of quests and everyone is important and a lot of hidden huts, artifacts and hidden pats. Overall lots of fun and it is a map that must be played from Heroes 3 fans. I saw few bad comments that the map is overrated and too linear for which I totally disagree and I cannot even begin to imagine how long it took to be created. Few bad points that could be improved or changed in my opinion: A lot of hidden events holding important artifacts — I would at least suggest to use a massage at the beginning to the player to use map editor to see the hidden events. The other thing is that I found some of the fights very easy especially after getting the berserk spell and orb of vulnerability maybe army can be increased or lose a few spells.

Ivaylo Gradev Varna , Have visited seers hut that needs 12 each precious resource? Skitnils Sweden , Ive killed some hydras that opend a path were i could use summon boat but dont have the spell the same to the south. Or i need to find the green keymaster. Soned Kirov,Russia , Read through all these comments and you will find all the answers you seek!

I think im stuck I either need 3 enchanters which I understood I obtain much later or one of the following: Helm of chaos - which I dont have 2. Defeat wyverns but I dont have golden bow 3. There is an artifact above the top fortress castle, that I can not reach I have to kill peasants, but I don't know where they are.. After that you can get the tome of water magic which enables you to kill hydras thus gaining the helm of chaos!

To Tame a Land by Iron Maiden Song Statistics |

Idk am I stupid or what: I have admiral's hat for long ago, I also have bow of the sharpshooter but not golden bow and can't find any hidden spot left of pandoras box at all Clicked on every possible path left of the pandora, but still nothing. I have Oris next to blackburn, but she have no army and cannot defeat the defence of the town. Can I continue, or I have to load? Reloaded because of the previous question and now it is fine, but I can not reach darkblue tent. Tried everything with all 3 heroes, but still nothing - cant fly, cant go with ship, cant waterwalk But where can I find these 3 enchanters?

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You don't get the tome of water magic from there! You'll find em enchanters for that hut much later.. Thanks, but where can I find it then? Besauce I can't get to Necromancer yet so I cant get brown tent e.

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I think I have done everything but the tome of water, but I cant find where You'll find it in the swamp area. Go past the hut that gives you behemoths to the oasis and summon a boat at the second tile of the oasis! How did you get back you cant land with boat and water walk dosent work either. Where can i find another necklace?? Markus Germany , The map is very nice and addicted but now after I defeated the Blue Player I am blocked - I cannot go further..

How Can I take Golden Bow? There is a Boat blocking my way and I don't have "scuttle Boat" spell. Also I need 25 Peasants to open a blocking way.. Just left to pandoras box there is a dead end in the water. Go to that spot!