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Black Panther was such a huge cultural moment. What was it like to work on the movie? It was a pretty phenomenal experience. We poured so much love into the movie, and to see that reciprocated has been unbelievable. With me, especially, I'm from South Africa, so I poured my heart and soul into it to make it the best film it could be. As one of the people responsible for ruthlessly cutting the film, do you spend time on set or do you prefer to keep your distance?

I like to go on set to feel out the vibe and get a sense for what's important to the director.

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These methods do the opposite: Retrieved June 11, As with name and the keyword arguments, you can pass in a string , a regular expression , a list , a function , or the value True. This lets you know that the Unicode representation is not an exact representation of the original—some data was lost. The BeautifulSoup object itself has children. HTML 5 removes a couple of them, but defines a few more.

But I don't like to hang around too much, because you can lose your objectivity. Sometimes something is hilarious on set, and you're influenced by hearing everyone laugh, but when you're watching it on a screen it's not funny. Marvel always does additional photography later in the film. At that point, I go on set quite a lot. They'll shoot the shot and I'll literally edit it in that second and we'll feel it out.

That's when it's imperative, I think, to be on set. Can you give an example of something that was developed in reshoots? One of the things we picked up in additional photography was the battle at the end of the film where the Dora Milaje, the female warriors, are surrounded, and right at the last minute they get saved by the male Jabari warriors.

I said to Ryan, I really feel we've built up the most spectacular female empowerment figures and they've been kicking ass this entire movie and then right at the end, to have the men come in and save them undercuts what we built up throughout the film. Ryan thought and thought about it, and said what if some of the Jabari warriors were female? They had already shot this massive battle sequence with all the Jabari warriors being men, so in additional photography they went and they created some female Jabari warriors.

Just to drive the point home, the very first warrior who breaks through the force field and saves the Dora Milaje is a female warrior. And that's one of the examples how additional photography just took something and made it better. When people hear reshoots they often assume the film is in trouble. Is that not the case? It's not necessarily that it's broken, it's more like how can we make this character's motives clearer? If your problem involves parsing an HTML document, be sure to mention what the diagnose function says about that document.

The package name is beautifulsoup4 , and the same package works on Python 2 and Python 3. The BeautifulSoup package is probably not what you want. If all else fails, the license for Beautiful Soup allows you to package the entire library with your application. I use Python 2. Beautiful Soup is packaged as Python 2 code. There have also been reports on Windows machines of the wrong version being installed. In both cases, your best bet is to completely remove the Beautiful Soup installation from your system including any directory created when you unzipped the tarball and try the installation again.

You can do this either by installing the package:. One is the lxml parser. Depending on your setup, you might install lxml with one of these commands:. Another alternative is the pure-Python html5lib parser , which parses HTML the way a web browser does. Depending on your setup, you might install html5lib with one of these commands:. If you can, I recommend you install and use lxml for speed.

Note that if a document is invalid, different parsers will generate different Beautiful Soup trees for it. See Differences between parsers for details. To parse a document, pass it into the BeautifulSoup constructor. You can pass in a string or an open filehandle:. Beautiful Soup then parses the document using the best available parser. For now, the most important features of a tag are its name and attributes.

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Every tag has a name, accessible as. A tag may have any number of attributes. You can access that dictionary directly as. Again, this is done by treating the tag as a dictionary:. HTML 4 defines a few attributes that can have multiple values. HTML 5 removes a couple of them, but defines a few more. The most common multi-valued attribute is class that is, a tag can have more than one CSS class. Others include rel , rev , accept-charset , headers , and accesskey. Beautiful Soup presents the value s of a multi-valued attribute as a list:. A string corresponds to a bit of text within a tag.

Beautiful Soup uses the NavigableString class to contain these bits of text:. A NavigableString is just like a Python Unicode string, except that it also supports some of the features described in Navigating the tree and Searching the tree. You can convert a NavigableString to a Unicode string with unicode:.

NavigableString supports most of the features described in Navigating the tree and Searching the tree , but not all of them.

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If you want to use a NavigableString outside of Beautiful Soup, you should call unicode on it to turn it into a normal Python Unicode string. This is a big waste of memory. The BeautifulSoup object itself represents the document as a whole. For most purposes, you can treat it as a Tag object. This means it supports most of the methods described in Navigating the tree and Searching the tree. The Comment object is just a special type of NavigableString:. Beautiful Soup defines classes for anything else that might show up in an XML document: Just like Comment , these classes are subclasses of NavigableString that add something extra to the string.

Tags may contain strings and other tags. The simplest way to navigate the parse tree is to say the name of the tag you want.

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You can do use this trick again and again to zoom in on a certain part of the parse tree. The BeautifulSoup object itself has children. A string does not have. If a tag has only one child, and that child is a NavigableString , the child is made available as. These strings tend to have a lot of extra whitespace, which you can remove by using the. Here, strings consisting entirely of whitespace are ignored, and whitespace at the beginning and end of strings is removed.

We call them siblings. When a document is pretty-printed, siblings show up at the same indentation level. You can also use this relationship in the code you write. In real documents, the. You might think that the.


An HTML parser takes this string of characters and turns it into a series of events: Beautiful Soup offers tools for reconstructing the initial parse of the document. It might be the same as. It points to whatever element was parsed immediately before this one:. You should get the idea by now. You can use these iterators to move forward or backward in the document as it was parsed:.

These filters show up again and again, throughout the search API. The simplest filter is a string. Pass a string to a search method and Beautiful Soup will perform a match against that exact string. You can avoid this by passing in a Unicode string instead. If you pass in a regular expression object, Beautiful Soup will filter against that regular expression using its search method.

If you pass in a list, Beautiful Soup will allow a string match against any item in that list. The value True matches everything it can. This code finds all the tags in the document, but none of the text strings:. If none of the other matches work for you, define a function that takes an element as its only argument. The function should return True if the argument matches, and False otherwise.

If you pass in a function to filter on a specific attribute like href , the argument passed into the function will be the attribute value, not the whole tag. The function can be as complicated as you need it to be. I gave several examples in Kinds of filters , but here are a few more:. Some of these should look familiar, but others are new.

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What does it mean to pass in a value for string , or id? Recall from Kinds of filters that the value to name can be a string , a regular expression , a list , a function , or the value True. You can filter an attribute based on a string , a regular expression , a list , a function , or the value True. This code finds all tags whose id attribute has a value, regardless of what the value is:.

Using class as a keyword argument will give you a syntax error. As of Beautiful Soup 4. You can also search for the exact string value of the class attribute:. With string you can search for strings instead of tags. As with name and the keyword arguments, you can pass in a string , a regular expression , a list , a function , or the value True.

Here are some examples:. Although string is for finding strings, you can combine it with arguments that find tags: Beautiful Soup will find all tags whose. The string argument is new in Beautiful Soup 4. In earlier versions it was called text:.

Editing Black Panther: 'This is a beautiful thing -- bye!'

In , UK LGBT rights organization Stonewall named "Beautiful" the most empowering song of the previous decade for gay, lesbian , and bisexual people. In , Rolling Stone and VH1 listed it as one of the best songs of the s decade. The song is widely recognized as one of Aguilera's signature songs and has been covered on numerous occasions and featured on several television shows. Aguilera recorded the song at two studios: Prior to the collaboration with Aguilera, Perry had written the song and originally wanted to keep the "personal" record for her own singing career.

We both decided to hear Christina sing it. We demoed the song with her singing it, and I was like, 'Wow'. That rough vocal is what is out there on radio. It was that vocal that got her the song". Perry denied the request because the song is supposed to be about imperfection and being vulnerable.

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From Middle English bewteful, beautefull (“attractive to the eye, beautiful”), equivalent to beauty + -ful. Displaced earlier sheen (from Middle English schene . Synonyms for beautiful at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for beautiful.

It was first sent to American contemporary hit and rhythmic radio stations on November 16, Upon its release, "Beautiful" received universal acclaim from music critics. The song was recognized as her third-best single by Rachel McRady of Wetpaint , who commented that "Xtina's inspiration ballad motivated an entire generation". The song peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Hot for one week behind B2K's "Bump Bump Bump" and became Aguilera's longest-charting solo track, spending twenty-seven weeks on the chart.

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As of August , the single has sold 1,, digital copies in that country. Spending a total of fifty-one weeks on the UK Singles Chart , the song eventually peaked atop the chart; [37] it was certified silver by the British Phonographic Industry. In Germany, the song peaked at number 9 after charting for thirteen weeks on the Media Control Charts.

It opens with Aguilera speaking the line "Don't look at me", followed by scenes of her singing alone in a room intercut with self-image -related sequences of other people. An anorexic girl examines herself in a mirror, eventually punching through it; a thin teenage boy stands lifting weights in a room plastered with images of bodybuilders; and an African-American girl rips out pages of women's magazines including photos of only white women and throws them into a fire.

In one sequence, a girl is physically bullied by several peers, and in another, a goth man sits at the back of a bus while several people get up and move. Another shows a transgender person, played by Robert Sherman, putting on makeup, a wig, and women's clothing. Recognized as one of her signature songs , Aguilera has performed "Beautiful" at a number of venues and events.

Coming Together in On October 5, , several hundred people gathered in front of the Massachusetts State House and sang "Beautiful" as a tribute to the teenagers who had committed suicide due to anti-gay bullying during the previous months. On my darkest day their support lifts me up.

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I feel honored that some of my songs become anthems to them as well. Since its release, "Beautiful" has been covered by many performers. The song has also been performed by contestants on televised talent competitions. In , Alex Parks , the eventual winner of the first season of Fame Academy , covered the song on the series and re-recorded a version for her debut studio album Introduction. Credits adapted from "Beautiful" CD single liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. CD digital download vinyl. A second sample of "Beautiful", a piano-driven ballad which features bass guitar, cello, drums, keyboards, piano, and violin in its composition.

Retrieved September 15, A Decade of Hits by Christina Aguilera".