The Jungle Creatures: A Costa Rican Adventure Story

Costa Rica Animals
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Our witty tour guide, Junior Ramirez Vindas, who describes himself as a "Don Juan Harry Potter" due to his ability to concoct creative blends, tells us only Arabica coffee is grown in the country. Even though I've been buzzing on caffeine all afternoon, I find it easy to drift off to sleep at Hotel Ficus, a mountain retreat not far from the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

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The rooms offer a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. I lie in bed dreaming about coffee, chocolate and capuchin monkeys. It's no wonder Costa Rica is one of the happiest countries in the world. It's Saturday night, and disco music is blaring out from a shed-turned-nightclub in Tortuguero.

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Coasting into Papua New Guinea — travel story] Rewarding views Our patience pays off, and during a two-hour session, we are rewarded with views of three green turtles. Animal-lover's paradise Nestled between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is a paradise for animal-lovers, and now it's set to become even more popular thanks to direct flights: Whizzing through the scenery Whizzing through the cloud forest on the zip line canopy tour at Selvatura Park is the most fun way to experience Monteverde, although on my first attempt, I'm far too busy freaking out to admire the scenery.

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Costa Rica's coolest creatures - The most memorable animals I saw on my trip

How to stay safe. Looking for a better travel insurance deal? I expected sloths to be pretty cool, but they were even more amazing in real life. You can't help but instantly warm to them and feel admiration for these notoriously slow mammals. Costa Rica is home to two types of sloth, the brown throated sloth and the hoffman's two toed sloth. So we didn't see a sloth up a tree, but guess who we did see taking a good old nap in between tree branches?

Wildlife and Animal Guide for Costa Rica

A distant relative of the sloths, an anteater of all things! The guide said he's probably just eaten and gone up the tree to have some much-needed post dinner down time. They are common in the rainforests where we found this one , tropical dry forests and grasslands.

2. American Crocodile

These trinkets will cease to be of importance to poachers if no longer considered desirable by tourists. An encounters with a sea snakes could turn fatal if you are not cautious of your interaction with these sea creatures. It was the strangest thing. Everything is well organized and very efficiently run. You are to be truly commended on outstanding trips. Holidays that you view will be shown here.

So, apparently in most other countries, spider monkeys, which are endangered, are really difficult to spot in the wild. So much so that wildlife experts sometimes spend years trying to see them in their natural habitat. But for some reason, they appear to be thriving in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula.

We saw them a few times, as well as white headed capuchins and howler monkeys which, shock, make a lot of noise through the night. A crab, in the forest?

Costa Rica Jungle Adventure

It was the strangest thing. He was sitting there on alert with his pincers out ready for battle.

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There were a few of them along our rainforest trek actually, and tons of holes along the path that they'd dug. They emerge from their holes underground at the started of the rainy season and live in the rainforests Central America as well as the coasts of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. You can't help but be impressed by these minuscule 1 inch long but amazing amphibians. They really stand out amongst the brown and green hues of the rainforest.

You can easily spot them in all their vibrant red glory. As these bad boys are in fact poisonous, it's best to take the look but don't touch approach. Their names comes from Native Americans using secretions from their skin to poison their blow darts. I found these bird particularly fascinating, they were definitely my favourite bird species from the trip, and there were some great contenders a.

Hummingbirds are so small that they almost don't look like birds, you could be forgiven for mistaking one for a large insect. The way the colours on their feathers dazzles in the sunlight is mesmerising.

Natural Jewels of Costa Rica

You can see them quite easily around Costa Rica, but getting a decent picture is challenging. These were like something out of a fairytale. I found myself following after them in a bit of a trance. They don't seem to settle in one spot as often as most butterflies do, and appear to be constantly on the move, which makes it hard to get close to them.

If heaven is a real thing, I'd expect blue morpho butterflies to be flying around up there. They are such a bright and pretty blue and really add a splash of magic to the rainforest. Why have you added a pig to your list of Costa Rica's coolest creatures I hear you ask? Well, firstly, because pigs are cool. And secondly because the one I met in the rescue centre had such a big personality.

Oh, and he was best buds with the resident dog. So yeah, that's why the collared peccary deserves a mention. It's a shame I didn't see any in the wild.

The most wildlife I've seen on a trip so far...

But the chances are if you're near these in the wild, predators such as pumas and other wildcats might also be in the vicinity. One day I was just chilling out in an infinity pool at a hotel in Manuel Antonio park, blissfully unaware that an iguana had stopped by. Then I spotted him on the edge of the pool and he walked all the way along the front of the pool as if masquerading how effortlessly cool he was, before sunbathing for a bit, and disappearing into the undergrowth.

So apparently these guys are actually very common in Costa Rica, and are even seen as pests by the locals. To Costa Ricans, seeing a coatimundi is probably like us seeing a squirrel in our backyard. But when I saw one bumbling about on a football pitch near the forest, I couldn't help but fall under its spell.

Costa Rica: adventure to an animal lover’s paradise – travel story - BT

I'm not surprised to learn they are a member of the raccoon family and they live both on the ground and in the trees. They're quite odd looking mammals which just adds to their appeal in my opinion.

1. Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

Most of the animals we saw were in the Osa Peninsula. If you are heading to Costa Rica and you've got an interest in wildlife and conservation, you don't not want to miss out on seeing this place.

Costa Rica Wildlife - Here are some of the coolest animals I saw in Costa Rica

ma, 10 sep GMT the jungle creatures a pdf - Creatures is an artificial life. (alife) computer program series, created in the mids by. Costa Rica: Adventure to an animal lover's paradise – travel story in Central America are also home to creatures such as the anteater, Baird's tapir, Staying in the heart of the rainforest at the four-star Evergreen Lodge, in a.

There may be, or should I say definitely are other cool and amazing animals that reside in Costa Rica - but these are the ones I was lucky enough to see. So I can say first hand they really are fantastic in real life. If you want to learn more about Costa Rica's wildlife, well, you'll just have to visit and see for yourself. A few of the animals I didn't manage to see that I really wanted to catch a glimpse of included the American Crocodile, the Ocelot which is a wildcat, Baird's tapir and the red panda.