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Other books in this series. Play Winning Chess Yasser Seirawan. Lessons with a Grandmaster Dr. Declining the Queen's Gambit John Cox. Move by Move Neil McDonald. The Triangle System Ruslan Scherbakov.

Play Winning Chess

The Scotch Game Yelena Dembo. The English David Cummings. The Sniper Charlie Storey. Those terms meant nothing to me at the time, and Yasser does a great job of taking the reader through each principle. There are many annotated games and examples in the book, and aside from a few illustrations, most are described in Standard Algebraic Notation a system used to write down chess moves. Since I can't play blind chess, I had to have a chess board near me the entire time to be able to visualize the positions being described by the authors.

I used an app for this, which made the process easier. That was my only issue with the book. There's not much the authors could've done about it, though! At the end of each chapter is a test section, which I found to be very helpful. Bearing in mind that this is Book 1 out of 7 in the series, it was an excellent read.

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Complex strategies that include vicious attacks and subtle defenses take me beyond the thrill of competition and into the realms of the creative process, of art. Each game demands an ordered mind and deep concentration, and can result not only in a deeply satisfying victory on the chessboard, but also in an improvement in my daily life due to the mental focus that playing chess develops in me. Chess is in many ways a great equalizer.

Having said that, I have to acknowledge that, perplexingly, chess is a great bastion of male chauvinism. Mar 14, Joe Haack rated it liked it. Has been my on and off lunchtime companion since the summer, in service of my futile goal to become better at chess. I enjoy chess because it is one of those rare activities that demand your total attention, which makes it therapeutic for me.

I like how this book is organized into "4 key ideas". I am a sucker for that kind of presentation. Aug 23, Jason King rated it it was amazing. I've started and not finished a couple of beginner's chess books now - this is the first one I've finished. Seirawan expects more rigor than most do, which is good - the use of teaching algebraic notation from the very beginning and almost demanding its use is very appreciated and will pay off a great deal.

Play Winning Chess and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Play Winning Chess Paperback – June 1, Winning Chess Tactics (Winning Chess - Everyman Chess) by Yasser Seirawan Paperback $ Play Winning Chess [Yasser Seirawan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Yasser has been praised for his clear introductions to chess.

Excellent blend of humor, annotation, tactics, and ideas. The best beginner's chess book I've yet seen or read. Oct 04, Pedro rated it it was amazing. An excellent introduction to chess. This book and Chess for Dummies are the best books I know of for those trying to acquaint themselves with the game. Strictly for the beginner.

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Aug 24, Matt rated it it was ok. Rather boring; a few interesting points, but nothing that really set this book apart from other "learn chess" books. Oct 21, Nathan Albright rated it liked it Shelves: This is the second book by the authors that I have written, and it suffers from a bit of a Goldilocks problem. If the first book I read by the author was a bit too ambitious and difficult for someone whose chess ambitions are as modest as mine are at present, this book suffers from being a bit too basic.

Admittedly, I read a fair amount of books about chess [1], but this one was far easier than expected. Admittedly, about thirty years ago this book would have been very useful, as I was at tha This is the second book by the authors that I have written, and it suffers from a bit of a Goldilocks problem. Admittedly, about thirty years ago this book would have been very useful, as I was at that time a total beginner when it came to chess and about to embark on the longest sustained chess playing period of my life, between the third and fifth grades, culminating in my third-place finish in my elementary school's annual chess tournament.

At any stage later than that, though, this book is far too basic and far too fundamental for my own understanding of the game, and as such this is a book I can only recommend to those who need assistance about the very basics of chess and not the tactical problems or strategic and positional elements of chess that I am more interested in myself. In terms of its contents, this book is a bit more than pages long and seven chapters and consists of very straightforward material. After some acknowledgements and a brief introduction, the author talks about the evolution of chess over its history from a game played mainly by rulers and military leaders to a game that has a wide degree of popularity although still mostly dominated by men throughout the world 1.

After that, the author talks about four basic principles of chess that must be mastered if one is to become a more successful player: After that, the author gives some very lively comments on some annotated games 6 , discusses what the four principles and their mastery mean for the intended reader 7 , and various supplemental material like a photo album, glossary, answers to the quizzes and tests throughout the book, and an index.

With this book the author meets a worthwhile project in writing a basic book for very early chess players, seeking to give them encouragement on how to better their game and devote themselves to mastery of it. Even so, apart from the basic nature of the book, there were other elements of the book that I found somewhat bothersome.

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In particular, I was irritated by the author's moving into social matters through his expression of irritation that chess at the highest levels was dominated by men. I don't find any area of domination by men in this particular day and age to be something to regret, but instead something to celebrate and rejoice in, and the author's movement in gender politics was unwelcome for this reader.


While I was certainly willing to cut the author a great deal of slack when it came to his oversimplification of various matters of chess history and strategy because of the audience this book was aimed at, the book's political angle proved to be at least one issue too many for me to overlook charitably.

Given that the author is a very successful man himself at chess--and at one time if not at present one of the top ranking chess players in the world, the author's attempt to appeal to women and to contemporary gender politics comes off as unwelcome and unnecessary pandering, as empty and hollow as the FIDE titles for women that pander to their lower achievement rather than giving out rankings that reflect the massive contemporary disparity in chess achievement between men and women.

Oct 13, Ben Imrye rated it it was amazing. A fantastic beginner's guide on how to approach learning chess past how the pieces move. Yasser breaks down the basics in terms of: Pawn structure - How pawns build the backbone of chess and how to use them to control the battlefield, including how to avoid weaknesses in the structure of your pawns. Finally, Yasser ends with several annotated games, explaining the reasoning behind each move in terms of Force, Time, Space and Pawn structure, allowing the reader to get a grasp of how to analyse their games, and learn from their mistakes.

A wonderful read for any aspiring chess player. Nov 10, Derrick McNealy rated it really liked it. I've known how to play chess for almost as long as I can remember. Regardless, I never felt much better than a fresh beginner. This book has filled gaps in my chess knowledge and has renewed my interest in the game. Seirawn encourages the beginner to learn the foundations of sound play by study and practice. Learn for the masters. Learn from your own mistakes.

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It's okay if you don't win. In the Endgame, however, Bishops can quickly move across the entire, much emptier board, while Knights are still slow. A must read for anyone interested in chess for beginners and experts alike. You might try to trick your opponent into making the wrong move, but make sure all your bases are covered. The fewer pieces are on the board in total, the less of an advantage you have and the easier you are to defend against. Your opponent may be sacrificing that piece so that he can then gain your more powerful one, or cause a diversion to advance. There are four principles that are the focus of Play Winning Chess:

Don't be afraid to play anyone-- even a grand master. Just enjoy the game-- even if you're playing at a serious level. Jun 20, Mohamed Mekkawi rated it really liked it. I started this book 2 years ago with the intention to read all of Yasser Seirawan's series but I lost interest in the final pages as I always do.

Still , It was a very interesting read based on solid historical research on chess and it's fundamentals. I'd recommend this to beginners or passionate players. As for novice or advanced players I'd recommend further reading into Seirawan's series, as I intend to do at some point in the future.. Jul 03, Debasish Dash rated it liked it. This in an introductory, first chess book targeted to the beginner-novice player.

Jan 01, George Manakanatas rated it it was amazing. Excellent book for beginners covering the basic movies as well as some of the core abstract concepts of the game in a fun easy to read way. Read through it on the train to and from Ghent and feel it would make a great gift for someone new to the game. Aug 01, Saikat Sengupta rated it really liked it Shelves: Beginners should read this chess book to hone their basic chess reflex.

Jan 26, Sunny Nie rated it it was amazing. Jan 16, Adam Gardell rated it really liked it. An excellent book on the basic principles of chess. Highly recommended for other beginners who are looking to improve their game. Aug 26, Christian Drechsler rated it it was amazing. This book would be my choice for a present for a chess beginner. It covers all the basics and it's a pleasure to read. But if you're looking for anything advanced, you should look elsewhere.

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Sep 05, Ian Mullet rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The winners of these matches would then play each other to become undisputed World Champion. This plan was signed by all parties on May 6, , in the so-called "Prague Agreement".