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At this moment in our development, if we were to add React code inside our JS file, Webpack will give us an error. So this is where Babel comes to our aid. Babel will tell Webpack how to compile our React code.

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Since you are probably going to need to add some styles to your project I know that I need them , we are going to add a loader that will let us import and use CSS files and SCSS files. We are going to create a new SCSS file and add it to our folders. And change our index. This is how your package.


Retrieved 26 December Yes No Report this. Realizing that they will all die if she cannot get help, Amelia leaves the children behind to find someone, ordering them not to move. Before he leaves, Chieko writes him a note, indicating that she does not want him to read it until he is gone. Here are a few ways of getting the product:. What is Emily Mortimer Watching? The second disc contains a minute 'making of' documentary titled Common Ground:

If we run any of the above commands again, the error will still persist. Next thing to do is add a configuration file for Babel. For this we need to create a file named. For this, you can take a look at the official babel-loader docs. That way you do not overcrowd your Webpack config. And add the following code inside. After these steps, we will need to add something to our project so we can import all sorts of files such as images.

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We will also need to add a plugin that will let us work with classes and much more. Let us add class properties in our classes. Now that we have done this, we need to make some changes inside webpack. We need to tell our scripts that inside the config files of Webpack , we use import instead of require statements. Babel will know how to deal with class properties. Now we are done. We can run either one of the above commands and it should not give us any errors. That would require a lot of work. We are going to add Material Dashboard React to it.

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Welcome! We're currently just a small group of volunteers that spend their free time maintaining this project. If Babel has benefited you in your work, becoming a . Usage Guide - Plugins - Configure Babel - Upgrade to Babel 7 -.

First things first, you need to get the product. Here are a few ways of getting the product:. That will give us a lot of errors. Such as errors for missing dependencies, module not found, you get the point, a lot of errors. With this setting the ratio manuscript to typeset pages is roughly 2: The only relevant codes are those pertaining to font enhancements italics, bold, caps, small caps, etc.

Whatever formatting or style conventions you use, please be consistent. Please use Unicode fonts for special characters or supply the required TrueType or PostScript Type 1 fonts with your submission. For texts including examples or fragments in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, or Korean this is required. Otherwise, any symbols or visual aspects that you cannot produce in electronic form should be marked clearly in red on the manuscript. If a symbol occurs frequently you can use an alternative symbol e.

Please do not include running heads in your article. In case of a long title, please suggest a short one for the running head max. Use italics for foreign words, highlighting, and emphasis. Bold should be used only for highlighting within italics and for headings. Please refrain from the use of FULL CAPS except for focal stress and abbreviations and underlining except for highlighting within examples, as an alternative for boldface. Chapters or articles should be reasonably divided into sections and, if necessary, into subsections. Please mark the hierarchy of subheadings as follows:.

Text quotations in the main text should be given in double quotation marks.

Babel (compiler)

Quotations longer than 3 lines should have a blank line above and below and a left indent, without quotation marks, and with the appropriate reference to the source. Listings that run on with the main text should be numbered in parentheses: Examples should be numbered with Arabic numerals 1,2,3, etc. Examples in languages other than the language in which your contribution is written should be in italics with an approximate translation.

Between the original and the translation, glosses can be added. This interlinear gloss gets no punctuation and no highlighting. Please note that lines 1 and 2 are lined up through the use of spaces: If two words in the example correspond to one word in the gloss use a full stop to glue the two together 2a.

Morphemes are seperated by hyphens 1, 2b. Notes should be kept to a minimum. Note indicators in the text should appear at the end of sentences and follow punctuation marks. It is essential that the references are formatted to the specifications given in these guidelines, as these cannot be formatted automatically.

References in the text: These should be as precise as possible, giving page references where necessary; for example Clahsen , or: All references in the text should appear in the references section. References should be listed first alphabetically and then chronologically. The section should include all and only! A note on capitalization in titles. For titles in English, CMS uses headline-style capitalization. In titles and subtitles, capitalize the first and last words, and all other major words nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, some conjunctions.

Do not capitalize articles; prepositions unless used adverbially or adjectivally, or as part of a Latin expression used adverbially or adjectivally ; the conjunctions and, but, for, or, nor; to as part of an infinitive; as in any grammatical function; parts of proper names that would be lower case in normal text; the second part of a species name. For more details and examples, consult the Chicago Manual of Style. The two boys see the police on the road and confess to their father what they have done, believing at the time that the American woman has died of her wounds.

How to use ReactJS with Webpack 4, Babel 7, and Material Design

The three flee from their house, retrieving the rifle as they go. The police corner them on the rocky slope of a hill and open fire. After Ahmed is hit in the leg, Yussef returns fire, striking one police officer in the shoulder. The police continue shooting, hitting Ahmed in the back, possibly fatally injuring him. As his father rages with grief, Yussef surrenders and confesses to the crimes, begging clemency for his family and medical assistance for his brother. Ahmed is taken away as Yussef looks on.

When Amelia learns of Susan's injury, she is forced to take care of the children longer than planned and becomes worried that she will miss her son's wedding. Unable to secure any other help to care for them, she calls Richard for advice, who tells her that she has to stay with the children. Without his permission, Amelia decides to take the children with her to the wedding in a rural community near Tijuana , Mexico. They cross the border uneventfully and the children are soon confronted by the Mexican culture and street scene. The revelry of the wedding extends well into the evening, and the kids enjoy themselves in the festivities.

Rather than staying the night in Mexico with the children, Amelia decides to drive back to the States with Santiago. He has been drinking heavily and the border guards become suspicious of him and the American children in the car.

Amelia has passports for all four travelers, but no letter of consent from the children's parents allowing her to take them out of the United States. Intoxicated and worried, Santiago trespasses the border. He soon abandons Amelia and the children in the desert, attempting to lead off the police; his fate after this is unknown. Stranded without food and water, Amelia and the children are forced to spend the night in the desert. Realizing that they will all die if she cannot get help, Amelia leaves the children behind to find someone, ordering them not to move.

She eventually finds a US Border Patrol officer. After he places Amelia under arrest, she and the officer travel back to where she had left the children, but they are not there. Amelia is taken back to a Border Patrol station, where she is eventually informed that the children have been found and that Richard, while outraged, has agreed not to press charges.

However, she is told she will be deported from the US where she has been working illegally. Her plea that she has been in the US for 16 years and has looked after the children whom she considers "her children" for their entire lives does not secure lenient treatment. Amelia meets her son on the Mexican side of the Tijuana crossing, still in the red dress she wore for the wedding, now torn and dirty from her time in the desert.

Richard and Susan are an American couple who came on vacation to Morocco to get away from and mend their own woes. The death of their infant third child, to SIDS , has strained their marriage significantly and they struggle to communicate their frustration, guilt, and blame; Richard has planned the vacation to make amends, but Susan remains paranoid and hostile. When Susan is shot on the tour bus, Richard orders the bus driver to the nearest village, Tazzarine. There, a local veterinarian sews up Susan's wound to stem the loss of blood. Richard contacts the US embassy to request an ambulance.

The other tourists wait for some time, but they eventually demand to leave, fearing the heat and that they may be the target of further attacks. Richard tells the tour group to wait for the ambulance, which never arrives, and eventually the bus leaves without them. The couple stays behind with the bus's tour guide, Anwar, still waiting for transport to a hospital. Political issues between the US and Morocco prevent quick help, but eventually a helicopter arrives and carries Richard and Susan to a hospital in Casablanca , where she is expected to recover.

Richard calls his children's nanny, Amelia, from the hospital, and they agree not to tell the children that Susan has been shot yet. Richard cries as his son tells him about his day at school, leading directly into the Mexico storyline. She starts exhibiting sexually provocative behavior, partly in response to dismissive comments from a member of her volleyball team.

While out with friends, Chieko finds a teenage boy attractive, and following an unsuccessful attempt at socialising, exposes herself to him under a table.

Use Babel & Webpack To Compile ES2015 - ES2017

Chieko encounters two police detectives who question her about her father.